Diskussioner kring modeller som bygger på vår historia.
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Inlägg av Marcus » 21 jan 2014 20:26

Detta kan kanske vara till nytta för planbyggarna här.
http://www.petersplanes.com/links.htm skrev:Here is a compilation of Humbrol and Tamiya paints to match (most) RLM, French, Italian, RAF and US WW2 colours updated 30 June 10 : RLM colour chart.xls
23 Nov 2013 Here is a chart of RLM colour chips (from Merrick) with 11 common hobbby paints and their claimed matches (Testors MM enamel and acryl, Humbrol, Tamiya, Vallejo Air and Color, WEM, Lifecolor, Polly Scale. JPS and My Hobby color) from the above Excel suggestions :
RLM comparison chart1.jpg and RLM comparison chart2.jpg
ALSO, here are the charts with the cell row backgrounds coloured to the RLM match to better hightlight the difference between the RLM paint chip and the hobby colour:
RLM comparison chart1 background.jpg and RLM comparison chart2 background.jpg

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Re: RLM-färger

Inlägg av Thule2 » 22 jan 2014 06:24

Bra ide ! MVH Thule