Berättelser om historiska sevärdheter och resor i historiens fotspår.
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Inlägg av Konigsberg » 10 jun 2018 20:52

Åker till Vilnius i sommar och söker tips på vettiga saker att se och göra. Tips på Historiska platser/museer i allmännhet och andra världskriget i synnerhet mottages tacksamt.

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Re: Vilnius

Inlägg av currahee » 11 jun 2018 18:33

Här är min gamla lista på sevärdheter. Att de är på engelska beror på att jag har hittat alla uppgifter på nätet. Har besökt nästan alla på listan men skjutbanan och TV-tornet kan jag rekommendera speciellt.

Trevlig resa / currahee
A. Jaroševičiaus g. 14 Vilnius

Vilnius: KGB Museum (Genocido Auku Muziejus)
The KGB Geoncide Museum consists of the prison in the basement, and exhibitions on the other floors. One exhibition is about the Lithuanian partizan resistance just after WWII. The prison part however is the most interesting part and the audiotour makes the horrific suffering in this place very imaginable.
Address: Aukų g. 2a, LT-01113, Vilnius.

Toy Museum [Žaislų Muziejus]
Open 15:00 - 20:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 16:00. Closed Mon, Tue.
Address: Šiltadaržio 2/7

Television Tower [Televizijos Bokštas]
The tallest building in Lithuania, the 326m Television Tower was built from reinforced concrete and steel between 1974 and 1980 to a design by V. Obydovas and K. Balėnas. On January 13, 1991 as the disintegration of the USSR reached a frenzied pace and Moscow attempted to retake control of the Lithuanian media, Soviet tanks surrounded it in an assault that killed 13 unarmed civilians. The tower has since become a potent Lithuanian symbol. Around it are a few monuments and photographs of those who lost their lives and whose names the nearby streets are now called in honour of. Inside at ground level is the small Sausio 13-osios Ekspozicija (January 13th Exhibition) commemorating the brutal events including a copy of the original Soviet military attack plan, weapons used to beat protesters and some disturbing photographs. The exhibition is free, although the 40-second ride in the lift to visit the combined 270m restaurant and viewing station isn’t. The ticket office also sells several Television Tower souvenirs. A taxi from Old Town costs somewhere in the region of 20Lt. Alternatively, take trolleybus Nº1, 3, 7 or 16 to the Televizijos Bokštas stop.
Admission 21Lt.

About halfway between the Cathedral and the bell tower is the stebuklas, or miracle. Essentially a piece of stone believed to perform wonders and with the word stebuklas written on it, the site marks the spot where one end of the human chain of some two million protesting Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians stretching the 650km or so to Tallinn was formed on August 23, 1989. A symbol of freedom and hope, stand on the miracle, turn a complete clockwise circle and make a wish.

Energy and Technology Museum (bilar bland annat)
Rinktines g. 2, Vilnius 09312 , Lithuania

Holocaust Museum (The Green House)
Pamenkalnio 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

Castle Hill
Vilnius, Lithuania
There's a nice lift to the top area where you can then go into another building to look at some history items. You can then view all around once your on the top and makes for some nice photos

Map of the Ghetto
Rudninku 18 | (on the wall of the AAA Real Estate building), Vilnius, Lithuania

A Holocaust memorial in Subačiaus Street near the site of the HKP slave labour camp

Tauras hill flea market | Shopping
V. Mykolaičio-Putino Street 5
Sat 08:00 – 10:30

You can find our shooting-range at the following address: Žemaitės St. 6, LT-03117, Vilnius (Department for Physical Culture and Sports, the building of field-and-track manege, floor 3)

Name of the Service
Price, LTL VAT incl.
Rent of one shooting-place
LTL 30.00 per hour

Rent of a gun
LTL 12.00 per hour

Price of a single shot (handgun)
LTL 2.36

Price of a single shot (rifle)
LTL 3.54

Services of a shooting instructor
LTL 15.00 per hour

Makarov (PM)
TT (Tula-Tokarev)
Walther PP
Beretta 92F

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Re: Vilnius

Inlägg av Konigsberg » 13 jun 2018 21:12

Tack, KGB museet och TV tornet blir ett måste. Finns tydligen ett vackert slott utanför staden också.