Operation Bagration/krossandet av armégrupp Center 1944

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Operation Bagration/krossandet av armégrupp Center 1944

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Någon som har lite lästips om den sovjetiska operationen Bagration, dvs den operation som inleddes juni 1944 och i praktiken förintade armégrupp Center.

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Ytterligare två böcker som handlar om operation Bagration,
East Front Drama 1944 by Rolf Hinze (ISBN 0-921991-33-9). $40.00 (US) / $56.00 (CDN). Hard cover, 9"x6", 360 pages, 100 photographs, 50 maps.
In June 1944, the Russian Army launched "Operation Bagration", the largest offensive in military history—eclipsing even D-Day in its enormity. In a matter of days, a hole hundreds of miles wide was torn in the German front and Army Group Center was destroyed, with more than 300,000 casualties—the most costly German defeat of WW2. East Front Drama is a meticulous examination of how the German forces on the Eastern Front, under the direction of Hitler’s favorite Field Marshall—Walter Model—recovered from this shattering defeat. Rolf Hinze is one of Germany’s leading military historians and has covered this little known topic in meticulous fashion with detailed unit movements, analysis of command decisions and superb maps.
Hitler's Greatest Defeat , Paul Adair
http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASI ... 20-2609249