Family name "Beser"

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Family name "Beser"

Inlägg av Chlodwig » 07 jan 2011 11:01


i'm new in this forum. i live in germany and i'm here because i'm searching for ancestors coming from sweden. unfortunately i cannot communicate in swedish, although i can get the meaning of a written text.
so i hope that some of you can understand my queries. if you are able to answer in german, i would be lucky about it.

my ancestor, whom i'm looking for is
Beser, Frederik, * Schweden ("geboren in Zweden"),

he married 20.04.1710 in Scheveningen (netherlands) to Neeltje (cornelia) Forman, they had a son Frederik and a daughter Kornelia.

i have only little hope, that there will be succes in finding something with these few facts, but i'm trying- who knows?

thanks in advance,


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Re: Family name "Beser"

Inlägg av Stefan » 08 jan 2011 09:44

Chlodwig, you know there is a specialized ancestry site, they do have also a substantial part where they do help foreigners.