Tidligt netværk i Skandinavien

Diskussioner kring händelser under nordisk forntid & vikingatid.
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Tidligt netværk i Skandinavien

Inlägg av Notarius » 05 apr 2017 17:13

Følg med i projektet Northern Emporium, enten på facebook eller på nedenstående link, hvorfra teksten er hentet.

The Northern Emporium project aims to explore the evolution and dynamics of the earliest urban network in Scandinavia and the transition to the maritime-based network society in the Viking Age, based on a comprehensive, stratigraphic excavation of settlement and workshop layers in a central part of the earliest Ribe, one of the richest archaeological sites of the North Sea trading world, which emerged in the eighth century CE.
The Northern Emporium project is an archaeological research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (Semper Ardens Fellowship). The project is affiliated to Centre of Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) at Aarhus University and carried out in close collaboration with Museum of Southwest Jutland.
Project home page: